About FigureFitMiss Fitness



FigureFitMiss Health and Wellness (LLC) is an independent health and fitness business providing private personal (or group) fitness training including nutrition seminars/sessions, bootcamps, and more!

FigureFitMiss believes in creating fitness functions to motivate all clients to stay healthy, happy, and active. We are in the process of providing online, long distance coaching through our website and email in conjunction to Skype.


FigureFitMiss offers training for all areas of health and fitness such as:

  • ¬†fat loss/muscle gain (toning)
  • cardio-respiratory training (i.e. CrossFit)
  • marathon coaching
  • core and weight training
  • adult and youth athletics
  • rehabilitation
  • pre/post-natal
  • competitive bikini, bodybuilding, and figure/fitness prep
  • nutrition counseling/guidance

Why Use Us?

FigureFitMiss works in a facility (INDEPENDENCE GYM) that has created an environment that generates positive energy making it simple for our clients to achieve his or her goals and talents. We work in a fully equipped gym with an aerobics room, tanning, showers/locker room, outside park, also known as the Greenbelt of Scottsdale, multiple cardio stations such as StairMasters, Speed Interval-Advanced Treadmills, and Stationary Bikes, and elipticals. Independence has currently opened a newly renovated area including, astro-turf, additional machines.

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