Routine Planning for Your Fitness Goals

When you go to school, have a career, have kids, or even wake up in the morning, most likely you have some kind of “routine”.  For instance, when you wake up you most likely use the restroom, brush your teeth, make your coffee, eat breakfast, etc.  In order to make a task in your life work you need to form a daily/monthly routine that will propel you forward towards your goal or the task at hand.  Some goals require acute, temporary routine planning and some require a constant routine for a long duration of time or even a lifetime.  Some examples of goals that require routine planning for a short duration of time could include the following:

1) A wedding

2) a photo-shoot

3) a fitness show

4) a marathon

Some goals that require a long term routine preparation include the following:

1) a condition or special need of an individual

2) a full time career

3) Raising Children (well until they are 18 at least, so pretty much)

4) Fitness

So these are just some of the many few that I could touch on, but only because I want to focus on one specific.  Can you guess??!?!  FITNESS!!!  Fitness goals are made all of the time by people that may or may not live around the nutrition and fitness lifestyle.  Some people come in later down the road in live and want to tone up as fast as they can.  Some just want to work on his or her heart health. Some might just want to have a goal of getting his or her body out of a “Plateau” stage and may want to see why there has been no change in the current routine.  Regardless of the goal or plan when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, you have to find a formula.  What I mean by formula is a ROUTINE!!! You might be asking, “what do you mean by routine?”  I am going to list some key components to developing and writing out your day so you can make a routine that will become a consistent habit on a daily consistent basis.  This WILL NOT happen overnight.  Just like getting a degree or growing out your hair take lots of time….and then sometimes for some it doesn’t.  Same as fitness goals, but just like attaining a degree in school, if you just stop halfway, stop studying and going to class, you will go to take the test and not receive the grade you wanted and be upset.  BUT, it is UP TO YOU to try again, owe up to what you know you could have or can work on better and GO FOR IT!!!!!   You can’t just study one time a week and expect optimum results just the same as workout out and eating one time a week.  It takes consistent steps everyday to reach the desired goal in mind.  Here is a way you can develop your routine when it come to your fitness LIFESTYLE CHANGE:

1) Get out a piece of paper and pen

2) write the activities you currently experience each day (I.E. work times, children activities, errands, sleep times, wake times, food making times, “me” times (<—-this one is important even if it is 5 minutes a day)

3) write out your appointments a month out as best as you can.  Appointments for work, doctors, kids, birthdays, holiday events, etc

4) After you have met with your fitness trainer or developed a fitness goal, go through your current routine and see how you can start fitting in weight training times, cardio times, nutrition food prep times.  It is like a puzzle.  You will most likely need to rearrange things to make it fit.

At first you might see that it is not exactly how you want it such as not getting enough time to workout or enough time to drive from one place to another.  DO YOUR BEST.  This takes practice.  Brainstorm every option.  Move forward consistently toward that goal and doors and ideas WILL open up.  YES, LIFE WILL HAPPEN and it will throw you off your road toward your goal, BUT not forever. So, get back on it the next day and KEEP PUSHING.  Pretty soon, you will see if you want something bad enough, you will make it work and pretty soon it won’t be a routine anymore, it will be A LIFESTYLE!!!!!