Interval Fitness Training To Help Burn Fat

So some people think of being in a fitness routine as only doing immense amounts of cardio.  Some believe fitness is lifting weights here and there and eating healthy.  To successfully reach your fitness goals, it takes all three!!! Cardiovascular exercise, weight training, and clean nutrition.  Today, the portion I would like to focus on is the cardiovascular exercise.  “Cardio” can mean many different things to everyone.  Some different forms of cardio could be running, elliptical, hiking, yoga, stair mill, stadiums, etc.  All good for the heart? YES.   All good for burning calories? YES. Are some more beneficial for burning body fat? YES!!  Some of these such as running and possibly hiking (depending on intensity, duration and nutrition), could possibly deter you from reaching your fitness goals.  These can tend to put your body in a “catabolic” state which mean you could break down the muscle you have or that you are building. Does it always? OF COURSE NOT.  It really just depends.  But just as you do in school, at work, throughout your week, you write out your schedule and goals, keeping track so that you are successful at reaching them.  (SEE PREVIOUS BLOG FOR MORE ON ROUTINES).

When it comes to cardio involving the treadmill, stair mill, bike, running, and Im sure, more, It is more beneficial to MONITOR your times, your speeds/intervals, so that you will know what you need to change or what to tell your coach so he or she can adjust to keep pushing towards those fitness goals.  Some people do a “sustained” form of cardio where you keep your speed at a steady pace to where you are pushing yourself and your heart rate is up, but it is sustainable for these entire duration of your session.  Another form of cardio that may be harder than sustained cardio, but slightly faster and more beneficial toward “fat burning” and heart rate training as well, is INTERVAL FITNESS TRAINING also known as H.I.I.T.  What does this mean?  Many things!! ;0)  You can apply it to weight training, bike, treadmill, stairs and much more! There are several different ways and patterns to run your fitness interval training, but let’s start here.  For example, if you are on the treadmill, try putting your incline between a 5.0-15.0 incline (ALL TREADMILLS VARY) and keep it there the entire time.  Set yourself for a fast, but steady walking pace for 1 minute to 1minute and 15 seconds then bump speed up to a running/sprinting/ or faster walking pace (depending on your personal current fitness level)  Try to repeat for a minimum of 30 minutes.  This is a good place to start.  You could burn approximately 300-600 calories depending on intensity and fitness level/metabolism.  Like I said, there are many different combinations you can do so you do not get bored, but once you can conquer this basic combo 3-5 times a week, we can look at more!  If you are a fan of the StairMill (that BIG, tall machine usually in the back that is high up in the air), you can do this same time pattern as well.  Once again, all stair mills vary, but you would put it at a slow steady level (that you are comfortable with) and bump the intensity up a level to a few levels for a minute and repeat for 30 minutes. If you are not conditioned to be on the stair mill for 30 minutes (this could be difficult if you have never used), do as many minutes, even if it is 5 minutes, and finish the remainder of your 30 on the treadmill.  IT IS OK!!! We ALL have to start somewhere when it comes to achieving our fitness goals and dreams!! For more recommendations of interval training or any other questions, feel free to contact FigureFitMiss Health and Wellness LLC at or (480)-307-1853.  HAPPY MONDAY!!! Get on that INTERVAL PEOPLE!!!!