Supplement Routine

     For some of us, getting our eating habits on track can be a struggle and may take sometime.  Once we have been able to develop consistent, healthy habits with our food, it is also good to considered adding in certain vitamins and supplements to help aid in muscle growth, recovery, and help your body receive the complete nutrients that it needs to function properly.  When it comes to building muscle, there are some components of amino acids that are acquired through eating protein such as red meat, chicken, ground turkey, etc. These foods include amounts of creatine and certain kinds of amino acids such as arganine (found in foods such as protein, grains and seeds). There are some amino acids that are easily absorbed through supplementation  in comparison to receiving from food such as leucine. Leucine helps preserve muscle during high stress activity and aids in the healing process of tissues and skin in and on the body.
     Not only do these supplements benefit your body on a fitness level, but a medical level as well.  I have found from my experience that when I included some of these into my daily plan on a consistent basis, I found that I was stronger, less sore, had more muscle endurance and noticed significant gains.  There are many different opinions about “creatine” and girls and “bloat”, but I rest assure you that if you are doing the plan that you set up to do that you should not have problems if you or your coach/dietician set it up right.  Of course, there are some exceptions with certain people and may have restrictions due to medical conditions etc, so do make sure to consult with your healthcare provider.  A couple things to consider when purchasing creatine are: How many grams a day?  Pill or powder (your choice)? How long will you consistently take for?
     I suggest 9-12 weeks max.  Make sure you are always drinking a GOOD amount of water to keep flushing your body and organs!!!  I try to get in a gallon to a gallon and a half a day.  Another supplement option for building muscle that has other benefits is DHEA (an adrenal androgen-androstenedione)  It is converted into three components, estrogen, testosterone, and androstenedione.  Taking these supplements not only aid in muscle building and performance, it has been proven to improve women’s sex drive when taking 100 milligrams consistently per day and helping to balance and increase hormone levels. This study was performed at a medical center in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Statistics have shown that over 40 million women suffer from low to no sex drive.  Please consult your healthcare provider before adding into your routine.