Supplements with Proper Fitness Training and Nutrition

Many clients ask me, “should I take a fat burner?” My answer is usually, “it’s not going to do the work for you.  You have to do the work first.”  The are more beneficial organic kinds of supplementation to use when partaking in a fitness/nutrition routine and lifestyle.  For someone who has never had experience in a routine such as eating clean and working out consistently, most likely, I believe he or she needs to adapt and practice the consistency of such a regimen for a few weeks before adding in supplements.  It is easy to start being a “justifier” and letting yourself think, “well if I eat bad on this day and don’t do my cardio, I’ll just take me fat burner and amino acids and be good!”………Unfortunately, this is not the way it works and not a healthy way to think about it.  Supplements are called that for a reason.  They aid and help where we lack in CONJUNCTION with your nutrition regimen and fitness routine.  There are many different kinds that help with many different aspects of your mind and body.  A few that I suggest to my clients, and I could go into MUCH detail but I will keep it simple are:

MultiVitamin (Of Course)-My favorite Is OptiWomen by ON Nutrition.  You can order these on, or buy at One Stop Nutrition (mention my name if you do!!)

BCAA’s (Branched Chained Amino Acids)-these aid in helping your body during your workout and assist in muscle production and fat burning when taken consistently during every workout.  They can be consumed in flavored powdered form or pill form

Chromium Picolinate-this is a metal that is a “trace element” that body only requires a little bit of to help in controlling blood sugar, fighting “cravings” and weight loss and aids in the performance during a session of physical or athletic activity.

There are many others that I, myself, as well as my clients make a part of his or her daily routine along with nutrition, weight training, and cardio.  I cannot emphasize enough how important CONSISTENCY is as an overall as well as with being on a daily supplement schedule.  If you are not consistently taking your supplements everyday, they will not work the right way and you will end up wasting money, time, and most likely become frustrated.  If you ARE being consistent, but not following a consistent, clean eating plan and fitness regimen, this could also slow you down as well.  Some of these that I recommend for my clients only come in certain forms such as powder.  Some of the mixtures do not mix well or taste good at all in liquid.  My clients ask me, “how do you get it down?  It is so disgusting!!!”  I ask them how and why do they take a shot of alcohol?  (Yes, I know some taste good), but the point of a shot is to get it down and have the effect take place.  Most people take shots for the feeling they get after.  This, in a sense, is NO different.  You get it down because you know the outcome will be worth it.  Also, it is a lot better than alcohol!!! :0P

Please feel free to contact me to set up a consult today to find out more about a program to get you started for this summer!!! Have a great Monday!!!!