Tips for Your Training and Routine

Tips For Your Training
Try to partake in different types of cardio such as interval training.  Getting your heart rate to go up and down as oppose to sustained, one pace cardio the entire duration of your session will allow your body to step into the “fat burn” zone faster and will help condition your heart rate to come down faster.  Not only will this help tighten up your body and tone, but it will help your cardiovascular endurance level allowing you to push yourself in your weight training workouts.  If you go to the gym and do the treadmill every time or you have an elliptical or bike at home, try taking a break from the normal and switch it up!!  Our bodies are habitual creatures and after a while, this may cause a plateau.  Try increasing the incline on the treadmill and not holding on with your hands.  Take a leap and get on the stair mill starting at a low level until you feel comfortable.  Even if you have to go back and forth every 5 minutes between the two, it is something that your body doesn’t recognize and could cause a “shock” that will jumpstart your metabolism and progress towards your goals!!
Write out your weekly routine.  Add in your work schedule, meal times, meal prep times, and workouts.  Try to also add in when you will head off to bed and wake up.  Getting adequate sleep (6-8 hours) make a significant difference when it comes to your results and performance mentally and physically each day.  The body needs time to heal itself and it does so during your nightly sleep.  Also, keep track of your water intake in your routine.  Especially during the hotter times of the year, we should be taking in more than we do in the winter.  I, myself,have found I drink a half to a full gallon extra during the summertime on top of my normal gallon.  I have noticed that my skin looks and feel better and the “fat” seems to come of faster because that I am excreting water more frequently.  Water is the sole “transporter” of fat OUT of the body.  Keep this in mind people.  Allow yourself a rest day in your weekly routine.  Day a whole day off!!! This is more effective if you are consistently keeping yourself in a routine throughout the rest of the week.  This day will allow you to de-stress mentally and physically and enjoy a good meal.  BUT, make sure you get RIGHT BACK IN IT!! It may take a couple slips before you get up and running, but as long as you get back up and try again, eventually, it WILL stick.  Keeping a routine journal though will allow you to see what you can do different, what you should have done before, and what you won’t don’t again.