Benefits and Different Types of Weight Training

Specific Weight Training and Exercise Benefits


I commonly get asked if when weigh lifting, is it more beneficial to use free weights or weight machines?? I believe that both are important, but it will also be determined by the individuals current conditioning, strength, and or if he or she has any injuries or limitations. I do believe is someone is new to a lifting routine, it is safer to initially start on a machine and go from there. Free weights are good not only to tone and build a certain muscle, but they also help with stability, core strength and have been proven in studies to show more of a anabolic hormone response. This simply means that they increase the ability to build/tone muscle and burn fat. Suspension training is a form of training that has become more popular and developed over the last few years. This involves using bands such as the TRX. These exercises not only help building and tone a muscle, but work with strengthening joints, tendons and also help with stability and core strength. Studies have been done in China showing that suspension training help build the core muscle and muscles around the spine better than using a stability or Swiss ball exercise. In conjunction with your weight training routine, cardio is always a good addition. Studies have proved that exercise, weights and cardio, help blood sugar levels stay in the safe zone as well. Many people suffer from several types of diabetes and are insulin resistant. Especially for these individuals, a consistent fitness routine is crucial in his or her life. By exercising, it will increase the activity and transportation of GLUT4 (glucose transporter 4) with regulates your blood sugar levels. This study was complete by scientists from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. What does this mean? At least 30 minutes, 5 times a week of exercise will help keep your glucose levels stable and safe!!!